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Our Prospectuses Offer a Great Variety of Information

A range of prospectuses are available for you to download conveniently. We will answer you specific questions in dialogue by e-mail, telephone or in person.

Name Size
Newsletter No.01 576.60 KB
Sampling Inspection 607.95 KB
Measurement Uncertainty Budget 526.60 KB
Statistic Suite 710.71 KB
Update-Service for your PS8-Software 787.33 KB
Meter Clamping Device 668.85 KB
Service-Opportunities 670.75 KB
Maintenance is Value Preservation 360.65 KB
Test Rig for domestic Gas Meter 268.58 KB
Test Rig for Smart Meter 214.18 KB
Test Rig for Measurment Chambers 257.59 KB
Leakage Test Rig for domestic Gas Meter 202.47 KB
Purging Rig for Diaphragm Gas Meter 201.85 KB
High Pressure Test Rig "Closed-Loop" 240.36 KB
Test Rig for industrial Gas Meter 242.07 KB
Calibration of industrial Gas Meter with Laser Detection System 240.07 KB
Test Rig for Gas Pressure Regulators 601.01 KB
Mobile Test Rig for Gas Pressure Regulators 253.22 KB
Test Rig for Water Meter or Test Rig for Caloric Meter 247.57 KB