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Test Facilities for Bulk Gas Meters, atmospheric test conditions

The inotech bulk gas meter test facilities have a modular structure and are available as standard systems of up to 6,500m³/h. The facilities deploy high-quality optimised, low resonance rotary piston gas meters as standard meters. These standard meters can be deployed before or after the test objects depending on customer requirements. The facilities always work fully automatically with the inotech standard controls and software.

Any alterations, modernisations and special installations are implemented in accordance with customer specifications.

As well as customer-specific test facilities, inotech also provides the following standard facilities:

iTF1000-1-A test unit from 0.5m³/h to 1,000m³/h with 1 test station
iTF2500-1-A test unit from 0.5m³/h to 2,500m³/h with 1 test station
iTF4000-1-A test unit from 0.5m³/h to 4,000m³/h with 1 test station
iTF6500-1-A test unit from 0.5m³/h to 6,500m³/h with 1 test station

The inotech standard bulk gas meter test facilities are based on the parallel connection of special reference rotary piston gas meters. These systems are available in flow rate ranges of 0.5m³/h to 6,500m³/h. If any different flow rate ranges are required, then appropriate customer-specific solutions should be deployed.