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Test Facilities for Bulk Gas Meters, high-pressure test conditions

The inotech high-pressure test facilities for gas meters are designed as completely customer-specific systems. A fundamental distinction has to be made here between bypass and closed-loop test facilities. The flow rate volume and the maximum test pressure constitute the basic data for the design. A further important criterion for the realisation of such a facility is the medium deployed. We can draw on our experience with natural gas, air and various inert gases from the realisation of previous projects here. We are also able to realise rather special requirements such as high temperatures of the medium deployed, for example.  

The most flexible design for a high-pressure test facility for gas meters is the closed-loop construction. This involves a closed ring being brought up to test pressure and the fluid being moved through this circuit by means of a fan system. Reference meters and the test object are located within the circuit and these are compared with each other, taking into account and/or correcting the secondary measured variables of pressure, temperature and gas composition.

With this type of unit, at any point in time, independently of the flow rate and pressure situation within a pipeline, any metering point can be used within the design range of the facility

inotech can act as your guide from the conception phase right through to the approval of the unit. In the conception phase we support you with corresponding engineering services in order to make the right basic decisions. In the implementation phase we can be your capable turnkey supplier who provides the unit along with its approval.