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Test Facilities for domestic and industrial gas meters

All inotech test facilities with flow rates of between 10l/h and 65m³/h uses sonic nozzles as reference standards. These standards have proved themselves for over 25 years and show very good long-term properties. All the necessary nozzles are integrated in the facilitiy and can be combined as required. inotech has a standard product range available as well as customer-specific facilities based on this in a range of different design configurations. 

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As well as customer-specific test facilities, inotech also provides the following standard facilities:

iTF10-12-A test unit from 0.04m³/h to 10m³/h with 12 test stations
iTF10-6-A test unit from 0.04m³/h to 10m³/h with 6 test stations
iTF40-3-A test unit from 0.16m³/h to 40m³/h with 3 test stations

These facilities can of course be supplied with all the usual standard interfaces in the smart metering environment. inotech works closely together with manufacturers to ensure that any new products can always be tested on an inotech unit.