Perfection in accuracy

Hardware and software development in the field of energy

In our team of 20 highly-qualified engineers, and as a result of our specialisation in the energy sector over the last few years, we have developed some extraordinary specialist knowledge. This has enabled us to provide our customers with extremely high specialist expertise for product developments in this sector of the market. To enable us to always live up to these demands we work closely together with universities and specialist laboratories who provide us with access to the very latest technologies. We guarantee consistent quality at a high level through our quality management system in compliance with the DIN ISO 9001 standard.

Would you like to work with us?

Do you have an idea and want the product to go with it?

We will draw up the functional specification document together with you.
We will develop the product in close cooperation with you.
The last adjustments to the product will be made with the aid of a prototype.
The production of the pilot run will then take place on our premises followed by series production.

Do you have the product requirement document and want its development to be carried out?

We will then work together with you to draw up the functional specification document. The development of the prototype will then take place.
The assembly of the product will then be optimised in a pilot run.
You can then use the development and assembly documentation to assemble the product yourself or have it assembled on our premises.

Do you need any development capacity?

We will make precisely the capacity, time and specialist knowledge available to you that you require.
If it is not possible to separate off part of a project, this collaboration can also take place on your premises.
Through structured work in compliance with our quality management system, our employees are able to rapidly integrate themselves – even within larger teams – and contribute to a successful development process.

Hardware development

Firmware developments with the following microprocessor families are familiar territory for us:

The Texas Instruments MSP430 family

The MSP processors are mainly deployed in the area of instrument engineering.
Our experience in low-power technology enables efficient and economical battery use and, consequently, the development of devices with very long battery change intervals.

ARM-core-based application processors

For data storage and CPU-intensive applications with correspondingly high-powered peripherals, ARM-core-based application processors from various manufacturers are deployed, often using operation systems such as Embedded Linux. 

Digital and analogue technologies

A compact and secure structure is achieved through the use of modern and highly-integrated modules. The precision and resolution of the measurement data capture plays an important role with us. In order for us also to guarantee this in the field, the complete development is carried out with due regard to electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and the associated approvals.

Low-power technology

We develop safely-operating low-power circuits. In the process the EMC is taken into account through the experience of our employees and some practical measurements.

Software development

We develop software for process control, data capture and assessment, visual display, energy accounting and device parameter setting for the following platforms:

  • Windows 7 / 8
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Relational databases

Not only do we use the internet for representation purposes, we also use it as a data highway for the effective transfer of measurement values and information. 

Example development projects

  • A chip card operated pre-payment system for settling gas bills
  • Industrial burner control systems
  • Electronic counters for gas meters
  • Electronic counters with power interfaces
  • Status volume correctors
  • Additional electronic devices for gas, water and heat
  • Measurement devices for flow rate monitoring with ultrasonic sensors
  • Devices with M-Bus couplings
  • Systems for process control and process data measurement by means of decentralised intelligence 

Sensor technology

The progressive technology of sensor design means that more measurement data of better quality can be captured even more economically. These options make it possible to better monitor your facilities and, consequently, to prevent any failures and additional costs. We specialise in the area of pressure and temperature measurement and optical scanning.