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You benefit from our know-how

The requirements of our customers inspire us and it is to these that we have based the pillars of our company's success. We achieve perfection in accuracy for you through maximum precision, optimum cost-effectiveness and the greatest possible reliability.

As market leader in more than 35 countries worldwide, we have already developed and installed over 400 testing systems for our customers.

Our portfolio includes gas meter test rigs in the low-pressure range and gas meter test rigs in the high-pressure range as well as gas pressure regulator test rigs, gas meter production rigs, water meter test rigs and heat meter test rigs.

Our domestic gas meter test rigs are used by almost all meter manufacturers located in Europe. We are the world's leading manufacturer in the field of calibration-approved test rigs for gas meters. In the field of high-pressure closed-loop testing rigs, inotech has the most extensive reference list worldwide.

We incorporate our successes and experience into all our projects in order to develop ever better and more innovative solutions for our customers.

Test Rigs for Professionals Presented Clearly  

Get a picture of our gas meter test rigs, calibrations and of our broad product portfolio. Our company video shows you clearly some of the benefits of working together with our specialists.