Gas meter, Water- and Heat-meter or Gas Pressure regulator

High-quality serial manufacture or special manufacture. Small and compact or large and extensive. For the German market or for international use: Every test facility has its own specific requirement. For example, there are test facilities for:
gas meter at the low pressure range, gas meter at the high pressure range, gas meter manufacturing, gas-pressure regulators or for water meter oand caloric meter.

Our style of construction is therefore always flexible, it follows national and international standards and meets e.g. the test rules of the Physical-Technical Federal Institute (PTB) in Braunschweig. Our test rigs are installed all over the world. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of test rigs for gas meters approved for calibration. 

In your projects, you benefit from our experience of a large number of completed rigs: we orientate ourselves in the development to your specific requirements with an eye on productivity, the meter to be tested and the required integration into the accommodation. All our test rigs feature a high measurement and repetition precision and the measuring devices and sensors used by us can be calibrated: this goes with an almost unlimited duration of use for you.

Through the consistent in-house further development of the hardware and software, your products always remain at the current state of the technology and if you wish, we can enhance and optimise the functionalities according to your requirements. If necessary, you will receive fast support from our Service team.