Water Meter Test Rig with maximum accuracy

Our water meter test rigs have proved themselves for many years in the calibration of all domestic water meter and large water meters on the market. You get the measurement results in the shortest time with the highest precision.

As standard, our water meter test-rigs use cold water or warm water as test medium. All our water meter test rigs offer you the highest level of safety and reliability. With regular servicing, calibration and modernization, the test rigs have a nearly unlimited lifetime.

They comply with the international standards for calibration of water meters (for example OIML, MID and PTB).

If required, we can have them certified by recognized laboratories before delivery.

Depending on your requirements, we will manufacture the water meter test rigs as circuit or continuous flow version, all are individually adjustable to the required test capacity and the number of test stations. In consultation with you, we will use digital scales, calibrated vessels, electromagnetic flow meters or pistons as standards.

The test rigs are equipped with highly precise sensors for the capture of measurement values and process values. The data are processed, displayed and stored by the certified inotech Meter Calibration Software for every measurement point.

The BPA7-2-5 is an automatic calibration test bench for domestic water meters, designed to equip meter assembly lines. The verification principle is based on piston prover technology applied as the measuring device and flow generator.

  • BPA7-2-5 calibration test bench is made of a double test line enabling the connection of up to 5 or 8 water meters in series (depending on version), including sizes DN15, DN20 and DN25
  • Test process is performed on one line, while the meters are replaced on the second allowing for maximum productivity
  • System control, recording and processing of measurement values is managed electronically via a computer system (including a central unit, screen, printer and hardware interface)
  • Tests carried out follow a specific test program in dialogue with the operator and includes the routines for process control/ monitoring, measuring data recording/ evaluation, storage, error calculation, and measurement data processing. (printer protocol, editing of error curves, statistics)


The powered piston of the BPA7-2-5 is made of stainless steel and includes high quality water tight joints which guarantee more than 500,000 cycles under normal working conditions and qualified inotech maintenance. It is also equipped with a leakage detection sensor and a high standard mobile bearing mounted on the piston rod.

The AC series (AC1000;800,650,..) is an automatic calibration test bench for cold water meters that covers the range from DN50 to DN250/DN300 (depending on versions).

  • Based on high accuracy balance or gravimetry as the main reference standard of volume 
  • Pneumatic closing system allows the user to clamp the meters in the test rack
  • Closing system is made up of double bimanual safety dashboard
  • Test rig has the capacity to obtain errors in the volume of 1 to 6 meters simultaneously under test (MUT) depending on version
  • Working pump selection and working condition for every test and in every moment will depend on the flow rate of the test
  • 3 or 4 lines of electromagnetic water meters (MID’s) located downstream of the MUT test rig area
  • Four electro pneumatic regulating valves adjust the test flow rate automatically by the testing application software, CalwinWater, running on a PC
  • Two water tanks located over each weighing platforms
  • Weighing platforms and its water tanks are of a maximum capacity of 6500 and 300 liters, respectively

RAC2200/2300 is a test bench using gravimetric test principle, designed for the verification and calibration of meters and flow metering parts from water meters placed on a clamping test area.

  • Test procedures are programmed in the computer and the equipment operates automatically according to ISO 4064-3 or EN 14154-3 standards
  • Software adjust the programmed flowrate between Qmin/Q1 and Qmax/Q4 and control all the opening/closing of valves, different lines (purging, adjustment, test run, …), alarms and security elements for the user and for the equipment
  • Several methods of testing: Flying test with balance, with MID’s, with cameras or Start/stop with the three of them
  • Parameters for the test (flow rate, test volume, method, purging/stabilization time, etc) is set and programmed in a form and stored for similar test after retrieving it
  • Configuration of different type of meters stored as a database connected with the programming forms

All the control is done from a powerful and user friendly  SCADA type  monitoring, so that is very easy to test and program meter configuration, easy control of the equipment operation and different functions at a glance.


RAC2200/2300 MV is a manually operated test bench using volumetric test principle, designed for the verification and calibration of meters and flow metering parts from water meters placed on a pneumatic clamping test area.

  • The range of meters under test can be up to DN50 (2”) and flow rates from starting flow rates and up to 30 m³/h (with special versions up to 40 m³/h)
  • The standard configuration can test from 5 to 20 meters distributed in two lines and with different meter lengths thanks to the upstream/downstream adapter kits
  • Flexible configurations of the lines that allows user to test either one line while the other is on preparation (downloading/loading) or both lines connected in series
  • Truncated conical shape, graduated and ENAC certified stainless steel test tanks with accuracy of 0.1%
  • Air vacuum device using Venturi system for air removal from the piping circuit and meters under test which is very important for the accuracy test
  • Configuration of different type of meters stored as a database connected with the programming forms


For the error calculation system we supply special software together with portable hand held unit for the introduction of meter data and for automatically calculation of the error.

RAC-T5 is a portable test bench developed for field verification of residential water meters.

  • No need of removing the water meter from the installation to perform test
  • Helps to perform fast and easy field meter testing, assuring quick answer to end customers doubts and complaints
  • Easy operation and durability provides high reliability results and fast response of the meter metrology and meter park condition in the area

Application: End customer support, periodic checks of meter metrology condition in the park population, DN15 and DN20 field water meter verification

  • Electronic system makes instant readings of the flow rate, which is picked up with a cyble sensor mounted on the reference volumetric water meter installed in the hydraulic box
  • The volume signal and time measurement enables the instantaneous flow rate information and reading during its adjustment and stabilization
  • Volume of the meter under test read during the time lapse between the two press of the hand snap switch is compared with the volume measured by reference standard meter during these two start and stop times
  • With synchronized measurements, reference meter volume from the electronic module and display and meter under test it is possible to get error calculation of the MUT compared with or relative to the reference meter in the hydraulic module