Individually Adapted Rigs for the Gas Meter Production

For your production of gas meters, we offer rigs for the adjustment or testing of meter components (for example, flow sensors or measuring chambers) and in addition leakage test or endurance benches. We customize the rigs individually to your products and specific requirements.

They are designed for continuous use with a high throughput. Our facilities are available as manual, semi-automatic or automatically operable versions depending on the required area of use. According to your requirements, the test capacity can be adjusted and extended.

Our measuring chambers and sensor test rigs are used in gas meter production to ensure that no faulty sensors or measuring chambers are installed in the final assembly. They are designed to the individual client and product and are available as individual or multi-place systems.

Our leakage test rigs allow quick identification of even the smallest leaks. You will benefit from our combination of a semi-automatic test procedure and the tried and trusted method of immersing the pressurized gas meter in water. This gives you results with the greatest accuracy in the shortest time. Independent of manufacturer, all types and designs can be tested in the sizes G1 to G16.

We equip the leakage test rigs with selected adapters in view of the different connections to gas meters. For a simple and easy use of the test rig for a large variety of gas meters, we have placed all displays, connections, measurement instruments and operating elements at the front side.

Our purging benches have been developed by our experts for gas meters of sizes G1 bis G65 and up to eight meters can be purged simultaneously. You can use the test rigs for both used and new meters. You always profit from the advantages of simple identification of non-functioning meters and noise-affected meters. An aspirator generates a constant flow rate, that is sucked through the installed meters.

The height-adjustable pneumatic clamping system enables quick and easy clamping of the different construction types and sizes of the gas meters. Only the connection to a compressed air supply is needed for operation. You can either control the purging process manually or set it for a pre-set time.

Our test facilities to test and calibrate thermal mass -flow-sensors (temperature sensors) find place at the production to calibrate the sensors before they go to the final assembly. The reference flows are generated by critical operated nozzles and the measured data are then stored in a production database. The communication between the microthermal sensors and the test facility takes place per device under test (DuT) via a manufacturer-specific protocol via serial interfaces. In the subsequent production steps, the data is stored in the evaluation electronics of the measuring instrument. These test facilities are adapted to customer and product specifications and are available as single or multi-station systems.