Heat Meter Test Rigs with exact results

Our heat meter test rigs are suitable for the calibration of all heat meters on the market. Each heat meter test rig achieves a result with the highest precision in a very short test time. In the standard range, our heat meter test rigs are designed for the test medium of cold or warm water. All heat meter test rigs comply with the international standards (DIN EN 1434-5) for calibration of heat meters, if required, we can have them certified by appropriately recognized laboratories before delivery.

In your interests, we pay attention in the development and realization of your heat meter test rig on maximum safety and reliability. With periodical maintenance, calibration and modernization they achieve an almost unlimited lifetime. You have the choice between a closed loop test rig or a through flow test rig, individually all the heat meter test rigs can be designed to the test capacity you need and the specific number of test places. The use of digital scales, calibrated vessels, electromagnetic flow meters or pistons is also aligned to your requirements.

The test rig control runs via a PLC and the inotech Meter Calibration Software in the PC is used for visualization and parameterization of the test data or meter data. This allows you to undertake an independent change of the PC (Operating system: MS-Windows) without additional costs for the control adaptation.

Our experts equip our heat meter test rigs with high accurate sensors for the record of the measurement values and the process values. The results are processed, displayed and stored by the certified inotech Meter Calibration Software for every measurement point.