Gas Pressure Regulator Test-rigs

In the field of gas pressure regulator test rigs, we offer you a wide range of services, both with our know-how and the range of applications. Our gas pressure regulator test rigs are suitable for use with gas pressure regulators in the low, medium and high-pressure ranges and their safety devices.

Our standard test rigs use the testing medium of compressed air, but they are also available for other test media (gases). The test rigs comply with the international standards for the testing of gas pressure regulator devices (DIN 33822, EN 88, EN 334) and offer you a whole range of exceptional advantages. For example, you will get a result with optimal precision within a very short test time. The test rigs also have a nearly unlimited lifetime.

You have the choice of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic gas pressure regulator test-rigs. For mobile use on site there is a portable version. Process control in the fully automatic version is via an PLC, the visualization and parameterization of the test data is performed by the inotech Meter Calibration Software installed at the PC. With this concept, we can implement an independent change of the PC (operating system: MS-Windows), without the occurring of additional costs for control adaptation.

We equip our gas pressure regulator test-rigs with high-precision sensors for recording the measurement values and process values and the measured values are displayed either directly at the device or at the screen of the PC.

Our tried and tested gas pressure regulator test-rigs are built client-specifically according to the test requirements in each case. We can fulfil all requirements in respect of regulator size, nominal widths, measurement ranges and the required test processes. Furthermore, you benefit from the test possibilities of additional devices such as the gas flow monitor, the gas failsafe device, the safety shut-off valve and the blow off valve.

The standardization differentiates gas pressure regulators by the maximum input pressure. You can get the matching test rig for all gas pressure regulator devices from us. We deliver test rigs with manual or pneumatic clamping equipment. In the standard range, we use compressed air as the medium. The use of appropriate sensors for recording the measurement values and the process values combined with our process control and our PC-based testing software enables fully automatic test procedures with the highest precision within the shortest possible test times.

Our experts have developed the RPR-01 gas pressure regulator test rig for mobile testing. The test rig can be placed on top of a table and is for use on site. The RPR-01 is ready for use with very little preparation. At the basic equipment, you need for operation a connection to a compressed air supply only. The possible test processes are aligned to DIN 33822. It is possible to test gas pressure regulators up to the nominal diameter of DN50 at a maximum input pressure of 5bar and 10m³/h flow rate.