Technical Test Rigs for Tomorrow Already Developed Today

Our gas meter test rigs (low and high pressure), gas pressure regulator test rigs, gas meter production equipment, water meter test rigs and heat meter test rigs are therefore among the best in the world.

"Think outside the Box" is highly emphasized in our team and as a result, a number of innovative test facilities have been realized.

With the camera solution, the company inotech M.C.S. offers a self-developed system for feature-based pulse recognition and industrial image processing based on state-of-the-art hardware with the use of artificial intelligence.

All functions of the previous pulse detection are fully covered. The setup and positioning times are reduced to a minimum due to the automatic recognition of the features.

The common pulse can still be used for mechanical control of gas meters.

With the mechanical totalizer, the individual digits of the last totalizer roll are identified instead of just the reflective. This allows control measurements with totalizer to be started much earlier.

In the case of electronic meters, the use of this system eliminates the need for manual meter reading with standing start/stop or the use of special hardware for cryptographically encrypted communication with the meter.


Automated evaluation
With the help of various aggregation and preparation processes, your calibration data should be automatically evaluated and analyzed for known as well as unknown anomalies in order to gain an optimal overview of your production.

Condition monitor of your test stations
Thanks to comparative measurements with so-called Golden Meters, Inocloud can determine and fully monitor the condition of your test facilities.

Predective Maintenance
In addition, the data from the comparative measurements can be used to recommend preventive maintenance and provide technical support in the event of a failure.

Central administration of your data
With Inocloud we provide you a tool that allows you to manage all your calibration data and test orders in one central location.

Notification system
If any inconsistency is detected during the processing and analysis of your data, the InoCloud system will inform you about it immediately.


Central long-term storage location
A place where your calibration data is processed and collected.

Data management tool
A tool for the preparation and graphical analysis of your calibration data.

Condition monitor of your calibration systems
Golden meters can be used to automatically monitor the status of calibration systems.

Production monitor
A system for evaluating and monitoring your production.

Quality assurance system
A system for recording and monitoring your production quality.

Role based user access
Access to the data will be controlled by roles, which has been assigned to the users. So it is guaranteed that only relevant data can be accessed by the different users.


Software-as-a-Service Concept
Hardware-independent software that is operated, maintained and made available for you to use by us. In addition, thanks to the concept of the InoCloud, the system can also be operated locally within your network.

Composition of small services
The overall system consists of several small services, each of which performs a dedicated task. This concept reduces system failures while increasing availability.

Uses existing IT infrastructure
The developed infrastructure as well as the interaction with the system only require an internet-enabled Ethernet infrastructure.

Access protection through Microsoft Azure
Access to the system as well as access management is secured by Microsoft Azure's Active Directory. The data itself is hosted exclusively on a server managed by us or on your servers.


Connect and transfer
To enable the calibration systems to transfer data, they must first be connected to the InoCloud. Then they can transfer data to the Inocloud using the Connector service.

Saving data
The calibration data received from InoCloud by your calibration systems is kept persistent in the long-term memory. This process is performed as quickly as possible so as not to disturb the operation of your test sites due to the transfer and storage.

Data preparation
Once the calibration data has been persisted in the long-term memory, it is subsequently processed, aggregated and enriched with additional information. This ensures a high-performance analysis.

Once the data has been processed, it is available for graphical analysis by the user. Depending on the user role, the logged-in user is only presented with the data and analysis tools intended for him.


  • The world's fastest rotary gas meter calibration system.

  • Our high-pressure Closed Loop test rigs meet the shortest stabilisation times and thus the shortest total calibration time.

  • We regularly optimise our test rigs for calibration of meters for the maximum in efficiency in calibration with high quality.

  • The development of the hardware and software for calibration of the smart meters on the market on our test rigs was done by our experts and is available as a service for future models of smart meters.  

  • We develop systems for aggregation of measurement data and online data analysis with which you get important online information for your energy management , for example in relation to productivity.
  • We develop our software further independently of projects and so permanently improve the performance, handling and diagnosis capability. 
  • In close cooperation with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences,  we continually develop our systems further with a special view of our clients‘ energy management to achieve a higher level of self-diagnosis, pro-active servicing and self-optimisation.