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Technical Test Rigs for Tomorrow Already Developed Today

One of the strengths of our team is that we always pay attention to the details that others often do not take into account in the development and appliance of gas meter test rigs (low-pressure), gas meter test rigs (high-pressure) gas pressure regulator test-rigs, rigs for gas meter production, water meter and heat meter test-rigs. In this way, we have realised innovative a whole range of products for our clients in a great variety of branches. This includes, for example:

These include, for example:
  • The fastest appliance in the world for calibrating rotary displacement gas meters was developed and delivered by our team.

  • Our high-pressure Closed Loop test rigs meet the shortest stabilisation times and thus the shortest total calibration time.

  • We regularly optimise our test rigs for calibration of meters for the maximum in efficiency in calibration with high quality.

  • The development of the hardware and software for calibration of the smart meters on the market on our test rigs was done by our experts and is available as a service for future models of smart meters.  

  • We develop systems for aggregation of measurement data and online data analysis with which you get important online information for your energy management , for example in relation to productivity.
  • We develop our software further independently of projects and so permanently improve the performance, handling and diagnosis capability. 
  • In close cooperation with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences,  we continually develop our systems further with a special view of our clients‘ energy management to achieve a higher level of self-diagnosis, pro-active servicing and self-optimisation.
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