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Gas Meter Test Rigs in the Low-Pressure Range
- Universal and Unique

Our gas meter test rigs in the low-pressure range offer you maximum precision and minimal test times at the calibration of gas meters. Our experts will realize individual test rigs for your calibration tasks that are universally suitable for the calibration of all the domestic and industrial gas meters commonly on the market.

As a standard, the conceptual design of a test rig is for the test medium ambient air, but you will also receive this from us for other test media (gases). Our gas meter test rigs in the low-pressure range comply with international standards (OIML/ Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)/PTB) for the calibration of gas meters and if you want, we can have your test rigs calibrated/certified by recognized laboratories.

Our test rigs are designed to have an almost unlimited lifetime with periodical maintenance, calibration and modernization. Many of our test rigs have already been in use for more than 20 years. You can agree a contract for the necessary maintenance from us either as a package or as individual components.

The control of a gas meter test rig in the low-pressure range is performed via an PLC, visualization and parameterization of the test or meter data runs on the inotech Meter Calibration Software in a PC. This concept, designed by us, allows you independent change of the PC, (Operating system: MS-Windows) without additional costs for your control adjustment. Our test rigs contain highly precise sensors to record measurement values and process values. These are calculated, displayed and stored by the inotech Meter Calibration Software for each measurement point.

We design our domestic gas meter test rigs, which are used worldwide, with a view to the individual requirements with different options in use in operating principles and measurement ranges, and of course in the dimensions and connections. We also offer you additional equipment to test for example electronic counter, pulse outputs, temperature compensated meters or meters with seal valves. The measurement range of the rigs is between <10 l/h and 10 m³/h (for industrial gas meters from 100l/h up to 100 m³/h).

We have designed our range of offers with a view to the various regulations and standards at the definition of the calibration of domestic gas meters. You can get test-rigs for all kinds of gas meters.

We make serial test-rigs with automatic tension that have up to 24 test places for you. The use of critical nozzles as standards allows the flow setting without settling time with highest precision. Thus, you benefit from the shortest possible test times.

Smart gas meters have integrated electronics and can also fulfil other functions along with pure consumption recording. Calibration of smart meters requires data exchange with the test rig. We offer you the appropriate hardware and software modules for calibration for our gas meter test rigs. Our experts update our software library continually, so our test rigs can be used to calibrate nearly all commercially available smart meters.

If necessary, we will develop a specific interface for you and the upgrade of older test rigs is possible as well.

Unsere Prüfstände bieten eine außergewöhnlich hohe Funktionalität im Funktionsprinzip und Messbereich in der bestimmten Druckstufe für alle Arten von Industriegaszählern, unabhängig von Abmessungen und elektrischen oder mechanischen Verbindungen. Der mögliche Messbereich liegt zwischen 10 l / h und 16.000 m³ / h. Unternehmen auf der ganzen Welt genießen die Vorteile unserer Prüfstände für industrielle Gaszähler.

Die Kalibrierung von Industriegaszählern entspricht den geltenden Vorschriften und Normen. Unser Angebot umfasst Prüfstände für alle Arten von Zählern (rotierende Verdrängergaszähler, Turbinengaszähler, Ultraschallgaszähler, Membrangaszähler). Sie können zwischen einer manuellen oder einer automatischen Spannvorrichtung wählen, die die erforderlichen Einlass- und Auslassabschnitte umfasst.

Im Hinblick auf die jeweiligen Anforderungen im Messbereich werden kritische Düsen, Rotationsverdrängungsgaszähler oder Turbinengaszähler als Standards eingesetzt. Wir verwenden geeignete Vakuumpumpen oder Gebläse, um den Volumenstrom zu erzeugen. Die Durchflusseinstellung (außer bei den Düsen) erfolgt über ein optimiertes Steuergerät und bietet höchste Präzision bei kürzesten Prüfzeiten.

Beside the test rigs for the use with ambient air, we offer test rigs that use natural gas or other gases as test medium at low pressure as well. A high economic application of the gases is performed by a closed-loop design (circular flow) of the test rig. The technical design is in accordance to the higher requirements of the ATEX.