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Water Meter Test Rig with maximum accuracy

Our water meter test rigs have proved themselves for many years in the calibration of all domestic water meter and large water meters on the market. You get the measurement results in the shortest time with the highest precision.

As standard, our water meter test-rigs use cold water or warm water as test medium. All our water meter test rigs offer you the highest level of safety and reliability. With regular servicing, calibration and modernization, the test rigs have a nearly unlimited lifetime.

They comply with the international standards for calibration of water meters (for example OIML, MID and PTB). If required, we can have them certified by recognized laboratories before delivery.

Depending on your requirements, we will manufacture the water meter test rigs as circuit or continuous flow version, all are individually adjustable to the required test capacity and the number of test stations. In consultation with you, we will use digital scales, calibrated vessels, electromagnetic flow meters or pistons as standards.

The control of the test rigs is via an SPS and we use the inotech Meter Calibration Software installed at the PC for visualization and parametrization of the test data or meter data. No additional costs in control adjustment occur to you in an independent change of the PC (operating system: MS-Windows) through the realization of this concept.

The test rigs are equipped with highly precise sensors for the capture of measurement values and process values. The data are processed, displayed and stored by the certified inotech Meter Calibration Software for every measurement point.

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