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The Right Result for Every Sector

For many years we have been working closely and in partnership with many companies and institutes from various industries. These include meter manufacturers, calibration laboratories, metrological institutes and energy suppliers on all continents of the world. With the highest degree of flexibility, we achieve the specifically right result for each industry.

In all projects and at every step of the process, we ensure that our high quality and design standards are consistently met. Our quality and design standards are based on our extensive experience from a large number of projects in test facilities, which are distinguished by their user-friendliness and long-term stability.

We are pleased about the positive response of our customers from various industries. This is expressed, for example, by the fact that customers present our systems in their company videos in order to demonstrate high meter quality.

For meter manufacturers who produce meters in large quantity, our experts create optimized systems based on modern technology for calibration a pre-adjustment of components (for example measurement equipment or specialized systems for static gas meters). Nearly all meter manufacturers based in Europe use our gas meter test rigs.

Our range of offers covers the development, the manufacturing and the shipment of test and calibration rigs for all gas meters in all flowrate ranges (domestic to pipeline) and all pressure ranges. Our portfolio also includes test rigs gas pressure regulator devices, test rigs for water meter and heat meter as well and tailor-made solutions.

We adapt our test rigs continuously to all the demands and communication protocols necessary for meter manufacturers. Our test rigs are designed as production machines, so you can use them permanently in multi-shift operation. In this way, we reduce waiting time or even down-time to a minimum.

Our strategic knowledge makes us a constant development partner for meter manufacturers who might, for example, be introducing a new product.

A modular system for test rigs has been developed by our experts with a view of the special requirements of calibration laboratories and metrological institutes. This meets the requirements which often change from day to day. The extraordinary flexibility of our team comes into its own here. It must be possible to calibrate every meter type very easily.

We continuously enhance and extend our modular system and thus make all combinations possible. This means calibration laboratories and metrological institutes have all the usual and the most modern methods available.

Our wide range of expertise and particularly our flexibility comes into its own in our cooperation with municipal utilities and energy supply companies. Our test rigs here are particularly aimed at medium quantities with a large range of test subjects.

Another important aspect is random sample tests. With these, we can achieve for energy suppliers, for example, an extension of the lifetime of domestic gas meters in the network. The economic benefits for municipal utilities and energy supply companies is shown amongst other things in low costs due to the extension of the calibration intervals and the postponement of investment in new meters for several years.