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We Ensure it Works

Quick commissioning of your test appliance is just as important to you as long and reliable operation. We will support you in this with our various services which you can combine and use specifically to your requirements. 

We have aligned our Service-on-demand carefully to your requirements: We offer you fast reaction times for any repairs and short delivery times for replacement parts through our replacement part stock. We will assure you of a replacement part provision guarantee of ten years for your appliance. 

Our trained specialist personnel will be able to answer many of your questions over the telephone, and our Remote Support with direct switching into the appliance and fault analysis and rectification has proved itself where there are any interruptions or fault notifications. We use a test rig specific ticketing system to record and archive our support.

Telephone: +49 (0) 7245 - 80475-75


For the servicing of your test rig, you can choose between the “Service on demand“ offer or a service contract including replacement of consumable parts carried out according to a checklist.

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The constant further development of the software that is important to you makes updates unavoidable. You can get from us either an Update-on-Demand for the inotech Meter Calibration Software or an update service contract with a new software release annually.

Our modernisation of a test rig installed for you some time ago increases the performance and prolongs the operational life. You benefit from the further development of the mechanical construction and from the latest PC generation and the most current version of the inotech Meter Calibration Software.